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Originally Posted by Daniel135i View Post
LOL, I am used to paying 1100 for a turbo back system.... $5k is just brand robbery... in my opinion. If it isnt the lightes material out there and nets you 50 whp, thats just not worth it, especially when you can go to any exhaust shop and have them fabricate a straight pipe setup for less than a grand.

it aint 50whp...but look what you are getting:

Evolution system:
Titanium link pipe set
Titanium X-pipe with 100 cpsi high-flow catalysts and resonators
Titanium mufflers

Hard facts:
Plus 22 HP (at 5,730 rpm)
Plus 35 Nm/26 lbs-ft of torque (at 4,890 rpm)
24 kg/53 lbs. lighter than stock

Tail pipes:
4 titanium tail pipes
4 carbon fiber tail pipes

dont get me wrong, i have MUCH better places to spend $5,300.00...

They are beautiful to look at
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