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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Also... on a 135i the DME only has tables for boost up too 1bar... so that is why no one goes beyond that level. Other than the piggy backs that trick the DME anyways. As far as I know/heard... only Giac has done the proper DME line coding to make a "flash tune" run higher than 1bar (14.5 psi). I do not know what boost level a 1M runs... but 12 or 13psi is a safe bet.
Thats why I hate/love new tech in cars... its great to be on the forefront of tech when it helps you, but hindering the tunability of the car like this is a gear heads worst nightmare.

I love the fact that I can wire in a EBC on any of my current cars, dial up the boost and go to town. These new restrictions just suck for us likeminded people.

If BMW wanted to ensure no tuners burnt out the pistons by upping boost and going lean, then they should put logging software into the DME, instead of restriction software. Just my .o2, but that would have been more enjoyable and beneficial on both ends. BMW would get to see the aftermarket stretch the limits with freedom and see where their engineering can go, then again have the backup of denying warranty work off of a retard who cant tune.