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There is (*are) too many people that don't even know what drone is in an exhaust system apparently. Drone is not the 'metallic reverberation' you are referring to on the E46. What you are referring to is the 'rasp' that some didn't like on that M3. I personally like the frenetic scream of the E46M3, which the rasp is an integral part of. The origin of this sound is NOT in the exhaust but rather the midpipe. Rogue had a rasp pipe that eliminated this sound. Don't spend anymore money on exhausts trying to eliminate that sound. Get this:

But DRONE is:

A continuous, low frequency, monotonous sound.

I appreciate your comments - but I KNOW what "Rasp" is.. The metallic reverberation that I am referring to is low frequency sound waves reflecting off the metal frame inside the cabin. It was created by the size and shape of the Eisenmann muffler and was intolerable. Not loud, just sounded bad and gave me a headache..

I am in Stuttgart.. I know Eisenmann exhausts and I was very disappointed with the drone INSIDE the car. The sound OUTSIDE was awesome.

"Noooo. Eisenmann exhausts have a consistent sound for any given model and "individual car harmonics"? What are you talking about? Unless BMW(or whoever is making the exhaust for BMW) is changing the design mid production, the sound from car to car will be the same.[/quote]"

I disagree.. The drone in my e46 was not common and not expected by me or by my mechanic who has been tunbing BMW's for over ten years. Every situation is minutely different and that results in different sounds.

But back on topic.. I have just put 200 Autobahn and B road miles on my new 1M and I have no drone.. In fact when they drove it out at the Welt - it was the loudest car there. Even louder than a X6 M and every other BMW delivered that morning.. the exhaust had no drone and inside the car - was almost too quiet.

For those who have drone - I know your pain.. I am just lucky - this time.