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Clicking noise coming from front wheels

Just had my service department check out this clicking noise I've been having on my car for the past few weeks. It's always on the outer wheel when I make a turn, and it's speed-dependent.

It's not the CV-Joint (first thing I thought of), or anything to do with the suspension. The dealer suggested it might be the rims I have, but they are Breytons in the exact same size and offset as stock. I do have hankook tires on 225/40 up front 255/35 rear. Those are the only things I can think of that are making that noise!

It almost sounds like a baseball card in some bicycle spokes, or even a lawn sprinkler. It's not terrible, but it just makes me nervous. The dealership can't come up with anything.. nothing's loose, everything's all good.

Any ideas? Is it the tires somehow? But how would they make such a weird noise??

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