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Originally Posted by sergeremi View Post
Was there a time frame you had in mind? Some of us might be waiting for a while to get our hands on a 1M.
I suggested waiting until production ends, or at least until dealers stop taking orders so everyone who wants to participate can.

The final price will be dependent on how many contracts we commit to from the dealership so its to our advantage to have the largest group possible.

Those that have already bought the car are not at a disadvantage because they can add extended warranty or maintenance anytime. Seems like a win win for everyone to me.

I have already mentioned it to a few dealerships (I have a database since I contacted everyone in the country for my 1M), we just need a more concrete idea of how many people would be in the group buy. They are expecting a call back from me in the future with a more concrete number to finalize details.

Ill start a tentative list/sign up sheet in my first post. Anyone interested reply in this thread with your name and the next open number on the list and I will edit the list in my original post to reflect it. When orders for the M are closed I will confirm with everyone on the list and proceed with the dealerships.