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A little update: I went with coilovers. I found ST coilovers for the same price that a set of H&R or Eibach springs paired with Koni yellows would cost. At first I was turned off by the ST's because everyone makes a big deal that they are prone to rust because they are galvanized and not stainless steel. Well.. Konis aren't even galvanized, they rust. So do springs. Soo... either way I would have to either apply a rust-proof coating or just be very careful. ST's also have a corrosion-resistant zinc coating, so that gave them a bit of a leg-up. The Konis would be dampening-adjustable, but the ST's are height-adjustable. Since I'd probably set it and forget it anyway, I prefer the option of height adjust-ability, just in case I ever get fed up with being too low or something. And since ST's ride just like KW V1's, and everyone seems to love those, I had no real worries about their ride quality. Anyway, now we play the waiting game until they come in

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