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OP.... please add IND to the cosmetic modification section. They have color matched my grills and side markers.

Originally Posted by Satalite View Post
Interesting read. Still only seems to be a net 25HP gain though with fluctuating numbers in the engine since it wasn't specifically designed for the 1M like the other BETA tunes are.

Originally Posted by Satalite View Post
Why do all these tunes advertise much higher, but with the 15% loss still doesn't seem to add up? Am I missing something?

Seems as though the stock 135i gets a huge benefit from tunes (80-100hp) rather than the 20-30hp benefits from the 1M tunes?
You have to understand that the 1M had a serious tune on it from the factory. The rated hp on the stock 1M is 335hp, but my 1M dyno'd at 315hp at the wheels. This would mean roughly a 6% loss in drivetrain which is most likely not realistic. That being said the dyno on a stock 135 will be less than 300hp, so when you add 80-100hp from a tune then the new dyno numbers should put you very close to the same numbers for the 1M tune.

All that said, the 1M is a fricken blast to drive and with a tune it is even more fun!

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