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Originally Posted by pixelblue View Post
^ I don't see the purpose of this post since you don't offer a solution for our cars. Or do you?
I think it's good that we learn these fundamental, understand where the problem comes from before we can come up for a solution.

This is what I just posted in the other thread:

Understand that most cars are made for street driving although some makes or models are more "motorsports" built but literally no stock cars are made for all level of track racing, therefore if you are more on intensive track activity M series is more for that purpose with less modifications/improvement than 135i.

Stock brake (rotor size more specifically) set up is usually how we judge the purpose of the car is made for, not the caliper. As an example comparing to M series (E36, E46 to E90), although they come with floating type cast iron calipers, but they are strong and stiff and can perform better than some of the Big Brake Kits out there.

135i although has "6 piston" caliper but the pistons are made of Phenolic Plastic, light weight and good heat insulation, cheaper to make, but is brittle and fragile under stress load comparing to metal (iron or steel).

RB claims itself as a brake solution provider, so if there truly is a problem that needs to be resolved, then we will.

We have proven this in NSX, RX7, Z06, CTS-V, CamoroSS, G37S, and S2000... here I am talking about an affordable upgrade (not expensive BBK stuff) but for now we will let the consensus emerge then we can go from there.