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Originally Posted by szcyxzh View Post
where did you get the red&black BMW badge?

Looks aggressive!
It's not a full replacement, but vinyl overlays (stickers, pretty much). I know I saw full red and black carbon fiber replacements floating around somewhere, but as I recall, the 1 series trunk has a weird concavity to it and not many options will fit it. Plus, I don't know of any replacement center caps with red and black, so I figured I'd just put on the vinyl.

The first set was from (ordered 2 seperate set of roundel overlays, one with red cf, one with black). The second was from a user on here named Toxsuey. He's a great guy, but I'm pretty sure he's out of these since he stopped bumping his "for sale" post. I should have got more!

Here's what I said about them above:

Bimmian Red and Black CF Roundels - I liked the matte red overlays, but these just kind of suck. They are very shiny, and unlike real CF. What's more is that they QUICKLY fade in UV light. My red turns to orange in just a month or so. The black stays the same in terms of color, but both colors start to peel and unstick very easily. They are also two-layered with a color layer and a reflective layer underneath, and the layers separate very easy during powerwashing. Not good quality at all. 5/10

ToxSuey's Red and Black CF Roundels - Now this is more like it. User ToxSuey somehow got a hold of these and was selling them a while back. I hope he still is!! The vinyl does not yellow at all, it adheres much better to any surface and has not begin to peel in the many months it has been on. It is also not very shiny and reflective, like the cheap Bimmian ones are. Only downside is that they must EVENTUALLY peel a bit.. eventually.. 9/10

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