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Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
Thank you! Not a lot of people agree, since nobody likes to see the bmw roundel "desecrated" but I like the look

Honestly, the Bimmian overlays aren't terribly bad in terms of how they look, but prepare to change them because they fade noticeably if you park in the sun a lot. Also, the matte colors and pretty much any colors other than CF are good quality and not overly shiny. But compared to the other ones I tried, I'll miss them when I have to go back to Bimmian (they all start peeling after several months).
Well I def agree, was one of the first things I did to my 1er, got the deep sea blue overlays for all 4 wheels, front and real roundel and steering wheel roundel, matches my paint perfectly. Only thing is you REALLY need a steady hand, a straight-edged knife of some sort and a good deal of patience for this, specially doing all of them like I did. Only ones that ive ever had a problem with are the front roundel ones, had to replace 1 side twice but I think that's mainly cuz i didnt clean that one properly first and also cuz it sees the most air flow compared to the others. But ya, when you get em from bimmian they send you 2 sheets so theres atleast 2-3 extras for each one if you mess up or need a replacement. Not sure how id feel bout red ones, etc. but the color matched roundels set mine apart for sure, specially with sexy wheels.

BTW, just wondering why after all youve done with tunes and DCI's havent you installed a FMIC? Im installing my BMS dci next week but also having my HPF IC installed at the same time. I know so many people say that DCI's kill the performance due to heatsoak but this is just NOT true, it may raise the intake temp a small amount during hot days, but this is NOT the cause for heatsoak, the main cause is the fmic. I guarantee if youd installed a nice FMIC like HPF or ER with the DCI you'd have noticed zero heatsoaking even on hot days. Obviously the AFE one has a heatshield n all that shit, but like you said, is it worth more than twice the amount of money? I say NO WAY. That and the BMS has the shortest straightest intake tubes for the most open free flowing intake, and when it comes to an intake on a FI engine like ours, the biggest benefit comes from an intake that has the least restriction and allows the most airflow. Air intake temps hardly matter on a turbocharged car seeing as the air flowing thru the turbo's is already gonna be hotter than the outside air, the temp means something AFTER its flowed thru the IC, hence it being necessary to have a larger one with that setup. However obviously, for a NA engine, yes the intake temps play a much larger role as the air goes straight from the intake thru into the manifold without passing thru an intercooler or turbos, so yes in those cases a CAI is much more benefitial.

Anyhoo, yes that was long, I just hate seeing people think the wrong things about our engines and mods for them like the intake. If i were you, id sell the Afe, get the BMS back and install it with a FMIC, but thats up to you, i know these things are expensive for sure, id like to do the full M3 front suspension and rear bushings but right now i only have the money for the front bar. The rest will have to come later.

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