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My n55 135i 6mt problems...=(

Well guys...I have issues with this car. Mind you I have a touch of ocd, my borther will tell you he has a 1m orange his name is (jjschmooze). My family has owned 11 BMW's. Also compared to the average person I will say I know about cars, my father was a mechanic and showed me the way. This is my first turbo car. Im used to N/A and to be honest, I think it's better less to worry about. Well I hit 19k from July 2010, to July 1st 2011. Haha I know I just loved driving it. In this year I got, Berk 4 inch downpipe. Berk full sport exhaust. Injen full intake. Cdv mod. Afe scoops. BMS stage 1 with can-tool. Hey compared to most guys on here that are at stage 3's and etc. I figured I shouldn't have problems. Bmw claims free oil changes up to 50k and some other crap. Yep sure every 15k oil changes for a high performance car....with a turbo. I dont think so I believe your begging for problems around 50k if you go that route. I know I know right around the time it wouldnt be free anymore haha lol. Well I did other cosmetics here and there also, but powertrain wise I mentioned everything. Around last month, clutch engagement felt fine STILL DOES. I noticed going into second gear it would grind then go in, now I never ever made these mistake in my other two cars that were also manual. Im a very good manual driver I learned from my father whos been driving manual for 40 years, my mother has for 30 years. At first I was thinking "Eric" whats wrong with you are doing something wrong. But for a whole year Ive been driving it the same way so...why now. It started happening more and more to the point where Ive been driving 1st to third since......for weeks now. Just yesterday I had sal at autocouture take my tune off and downpipe. Ken at Bmw paul miller knows me and my family and knows our loyalty towards BMW I feel hurt man....I pay out of my pocket every other oil change at approx. 6k. It gets done with the BMW oil at BMW. I also get it washed waxed 3 times a week either by me or hands car wash. I knew this was becoming an issue once I was shifting 1st to third. A day later my A/C stopped working....and it hasn't worked since. WTF is that now. Then my car went nut one morning was idleing weird. I popped the hood and the clamps to intake came loose. I tightened it back up. I ordered t bolt clamps which are stronger. Alsooooooo now my car idles rough like when its just sitting you hear it making a clanging sound under the hood like a valve tap....then when you get on the gas it goes away. My boost gauge doesnt show me in vaccum just to let you know. Sal said 2nd gear syncros are done. He also said that my 6mt is not as strong as the 1m's my clutch isnt as strong and flywheel is lighter. I cant believe he also deleted all the codes on my car now Im dropping it off over night keep you posted. My service advisor said I needed a new transmission so we will see what happenes.

I did get carbon fiber mirror caps, and carbon splitters nobody has I got the splitters custom made I'll post pics asap.

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