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Originally Posted by TEUFELHUNDE View Post
Different flywheel lighter equals better in my book my friend. I also know for a fact from paul miller BMW the SYNCRO'S are stronger! Hence the 1m like most said on here is a glorified 135i no the car is just dialed in it's just better..ALL AROUND.

I wasn't trying to embarrass you in a public forum. Just trying to point some obivous facts.

The 6MT in the 135i uses the very same trans as the 1M. period. Yes, BMW has said the 1M trans has a dry sump oiling system and special low friction syncros... but... when you go look up the part numbers for the complete trans (since that is the only way BMW sells it!), you will see the 1M trans is the same part as the N55 6MT unit.

I wish you luck on your service appointment.