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^^No. I never said that. Please read what I wrote.

BMW has bent the truth here. BMW said... the 1M has a stronger trans, with special low friction coatings on the syncros and all. AND they said it has a dry sump oiling system.

As it turns out it does have low friction syncros and stronger than a N54 trans, but it does not have a dry sump oil sytem. AND that same 1M trans is also used in the normal 135i N55. BMW just forgot to tell anyone about that last fact.

What I am saying is... The 1M has the VERY SAME TRANS as a lowly 135i N55 (2011 and 2012's M.Y.) has. Period.

The 2008 thru 2010, 135i N54 uses a different manual trans(probably not as strong as the 1M/135iN55 unit(?). Again, the 1M uses the same trans as a 6MT 135i with the N55.

2012 N55 6MT
Rmfd-6 speed gearbox GS6-45BZ - THD4 1 23007599342

2012 N54 1M 6MT
Rmfd-6 speed gearbox GS6-45BZ - THD4 1 23007599342

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135i N54 trans
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