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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Limits are set and parts are conceived in function thereof. If the 1M happens to be "underpowered", then it was underpowered by BMW M engineers for a reason (except if non engineering reasons have to be part of the equation: for example BMW not wanting the 1M getting too close into trespassing M3 territory).
One other reason that manufacturers don't go as far as they could relates to the co2/emissions targets that they are managing to. If I remember correctly, the 1M has a co2 output of 224g, which is just below the UK threshold for higher tax (at 225g+).

Agree that commercially BMW may not want the 1M to exceed to M3's performance by too much either. I personally wouldn't want to go down the remap route as I feel the 1M already exceeds my driving abilities but just saying that mild remaps are likely to be within the tolerances of rest of the 1M's hardware. Just a personal view - happy to hear others.