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Originally Posted by dtwyim View Post
Just to start off, I drive a n54 transmission but I'll post it here since it is a general MT question.

What is the reason for a particular gear to go? I do noticed sometimes that when I go into 3rd, it seems to grind ever so slightly (not every time) but I always thought maybe I did not clutch in properly. And this problem is noticed shifting up from 2nd. I never have this slight grind in any other gear btw.

When I am cruising in 6th, I would sometimes drop to 3rd (and properly rev-matched) if I want to get going in a hurry. Would this cause the problem that I have in 3rd? I thought BMW tranny are reasonably robust in that regard.

Is my 3rd going? If it is, would the dealer cover it as in the OP's case?

yea... sounds like you have worn out your 3rd gear syncro. Should be covered under the powertrain warranty. BMW would replace the entire trans since they do not rebuild transmisions any more. But if its not... I would first try a product like BG's Syncroshift trans oil. It can work wonders on marginally worn syncro rings.