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First Road Trip - 2012 135i DCT M Sport

Hi gang,

Took my first road trip in the new 135i this week. About 850 miles in three days up the Central California Coast and backroads. What a great road trip car for two people this is. Just the right amount of luggage space, easy ingress / egress, and taut but comfortable ride. Coming from an M Coupe, these three attributes were a great improvement. In the M Coupe, we had to basically share a suitcase, and forget buying wine along the wine tasting route - no room!

I averaged about 25.5 mpg for the trip. I was admittedly driving her easy as I eclipsed the 1200mi break in period on the trip. The DCT worked flawlessly, always seeming to know the right gear to be in when exiting a corner. I used Sport mode most commonly, liking the throttle response. The torque from the N55 was awesome when needing to pass on two lane roads. Handling and grip - great - though not up to the level of my old M Coupe. Worth the tradeoff for the improved ride quality.

Quibbles - the AC seemed weak at times, and difficult to position the vents so that they moved the right amount of air at you. Heard the typical 'pops' originating from the dash as the AC cooled the ductwork, but nothing too obtrusive. Audio quality from the Sirius radio seemed off at times - I wonder if I should have waited to find a unit with the H-K package? That's about it - she ran perfectly.

The more time I spend with this car - the more I am impressed !
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