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Exclamation Trade assist revoked!?

Ok so I have had a horrible experience so far with my car and I love BMWs, my dad had a 7 which made me get into a 1 so I really do love the cars but I am jumping ship soon.

So if anyone can help me or give me some insight I would tremendously appreciate it. After claiming my car is a lemon, BMW and my sales manager at BMW decided to go for a Trade assist. I wasn't thrilled but decided it's the best deal.The sales manager initially didn't say a thing about paying anything out of pocket. The next day I get a phone call saying I have to pay "something" out of pocket but it was yet to be determined.
Now today I get a call from my lemon law attorney saying BMW NA is canceling my trade assist because of an accident, all body work, that happened 2 years ago! My attorney wants to go ahead and file suit against them. Can BMW revoke an offer they already started?
I got my car back from service after a month+ in there hands and now all my speakers are busted for some reason. Also when I take my key out of the ignition ( I don't have keyless entry) static sounds comes from the speaker. I try to fix one problem and they create more. When this is all done I will def not be getting another bimmer and I hope no one has a similar experience.

What's worse is that I have no car to go back to school with and I don't live close to campus.

I worn everyone who uses this dealership! They do not act professional at all, from the service advisor to the sales manager. Never will do business with them again.

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