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Originally Posted by drewh130 View Post
I do have the n54. But, I have barely been pressing the gas pedal. I'm talking about all 1500-2000 rpm shifts. They performed an oil change when they did they software update and did the 30k mile check as well. Could any of this had an effect? Im getting about 200 miles per tank...its crazy.

Well... what about the usuall suspects: air filter, tire pressure, spark plugs, fuel brand and type (octane)...

Speaking of fuel type... how much ethanol is in your fuel? Those 10% ethonal fuels really cut your fuel mileage.

IF everything is ok, you might have your dealer check for any codes and even have them check the lambda signal value. It should be right around 1.0 +/- 0.2% Perhaps your O2 sensor(s) are bad and the DME is over correcting.