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135, Major Engine Problems, NOT happy

I have had my 135 for about 400 miles now and I have noticed some very bad things with the engine. I have added audio for you to listen to the first issue, engine start.

-engine start: when starting engine, after a cold start especially, engine is very loud to the point it sounds like something is wrong with it. Please listen to the audio. Does it sound odd? It's this loud even after being driven for a while. It's about twice as loud after a cold start. Notice the clicking sound at the beginning? At the end, there is also a weird sound before the engine goes fully off. A beeping like sound.
-engine while driving: when driving car, hitting gas pedal will sometimes cause engine to make a loud whirring/rattling sound for a few seconds and then stops.

Throw in an alignment issue...
-alignment: car drifts completely to the right. Steering wheel is completely straight and car drifts right. Not a little, but a lot. I have to fight car to keep in line.
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