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Originally Posted by KinoBoom View Post
I really wish you titled your thread differently. Like for example: "Hearing a possible bad noise coming from the engine". Threads that start like yours give this car a bad reputation for no reason.
What you are hearing is normal. And since your car is new you should not worry as it is all covered under BMW warranty.
Good luck.
Your post is wrong on many levels. First, I've had a 135 since 2008 and know what the engine should sound like. The engine sounds completely off, verified by multiple people. I know it's a slightly different engine, but clanking and rattling is NOT normal. A car veering to the right is NOT normal. A car making rattling/cranking sounds while hitting the gas pedal in a normal driving condition is NOT normal.

Just because it's covered by warranty, doesn't mean I shouldn't be frustrated. It's a car with 400 miles that I'm paying good money for. I don't like, after waiting 6 weeks for the car, get another rental and have to leave a brand new car at the shop. This is not even mentioning my first 1 series having to go to the shop for 7 MAJOR service fixes for the engine and other issues. 1 of the major issues, the car was in the shop for 10 days, the last month of the lease.

I guess telling myself, "I just got unlucky" and getting another 1 series was the poor decision on my end.