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Originally Posted by jzhang View Post
I had Koni yellows + H&R sport it was nice but my ST Coils are even better for comfort.
Originally Posted by Rich@GTBPerformance View Post
I second this. Koni Yellows and H&R sports are a super setup.
I went with the STs because I got a great price on them (pretty much EQUAL to what the koni + h&r combo would have cost). plus i looked at JZ's pics and I want adjustable height. I just got the height adjusted to the final setting after a few weeks of letting the springs settle. I got the rake set to 6/16" = 3/8" and got the perfect moderate drop I wanted, no tiny drop and no slamming it. No ridiculous rake like with the H&Rs (though i wouldn't mind ridiculous rake, i'd just worry about either the front being too low or the rear being too high). Still got like 8 mm ground clearance the adjustability in this case wins for me!

Originally Posted by fourtailpipes View Post
YES! shorter slightly firmer bumpstops please! this could also help pacify some of the concerns people have with how the koni fsd copes with lowering springs.
Hmm.. i was always under the impression that koni FSD are great for the stock springs and springs like the BMW performance springs which don't really drop the car too much, and the yellow sport shocks were meant for lowering springs. who knows, i'm happy with what i got

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