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FWIW I thought I'd give an opinion on these since I recently bought a set of the ARC-8's. In short, I love them. Anyone can decide for themselves if they like the looks, but I found 2 things I really liked: 1) With 235 /40 F and 265 / 35 R tires (cheap but decent Hankooks), there's a small ring of rubber just above the wheel lip that extends beyond the wheel lip itself. Unlike some other wheels that might have to fit smaller tires to account for their offsets, or with different spoke designs, this combo would allow me an accidental light curb bump or two without scraping the crap out of the wheels. And 2) the offsets seem to put the wheel perfectly (as much as I can tell by running my hands along the inside and outside of the tires) in the middle of the suspension and the fenders, allowing you to put max tire width on without having to do any flaring or spacers (money saved in the end unless you know you'll be racing and need every last cm possible).

I bought the car used already with an aftermarket set of wheels and tires so I can't comment on the weight. But the wheel offset and looks are perfect IMO.

(And no I don't have anything to do w/ the company, I swear someone will wonder, just happy with the purchase and I'm pretty picky).