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Originally Posted by KIYO View Post
Does anyone know how to initiate the over boost?
My understanding was it will be in the over boost status only for the first seven seconds after shifting with the gas pedal depressed all the way.

The pressure of the intake manifold of my 1M does not go above 1.2 bar (17.4 PSI) in the above situation. I can get 1.2 bar anytime when I depress the gas pedal.

It says in the manual that with the over boost function, it will get 0.8 bar (11.6 PSI) of boost. So my display should show 180kPa (1.8bar).

Page 13 of this manual.

KIYO what kind of boost gauge are you using and where is it Tee'd into the engine?

From what I remember reading the over boost function only works when the engine is fully warmed up and in the low rev range. I think from 2K roms until 4.5K rpms. It doesn't work bellow or above those rpms - from what I remember. I have never seen any boost level quoted. Just a few psi more has been hinted.

0.8 Bar max sounds about right to me.