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Originally Posted by KIYO View Post
Thank you for the input.
I did not check with the variety of RPMs so I will check again in a different RPMs.

It is a ScanGaugeII from Linear Logic which is connected to the OBDII port.

Ahhh... I kind of thought you might be using something like this. These OBD-II scan tools will not give you an accurate boost reading (from what I have read here). The (boost)numbers it shows are not 100% correct.

I think the only real way to figure out how much boost the engine is making is to Tee in a old fashtioned mechanical boost/vacuum gauge.

I am really curious as to how much boost a 1M runs. I know my engine tuner told me that the 135i's only have the line code (tables) to run 1bar of boost. That is why most engine tuners run 0.95 or 0.98 bar of boost. I think only GIAC has gone thru teh trouble of R&D-ing higher boost tables using the DME. of course the piggy tuners run way more boost but that is bc they are tricking teh ECU into running more boost pressure.