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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
i have no idea how to manage this thread.

I dont think FAQs and PCD info can live in the same thread as the list of ppl doing PCD

people can search for PCD info ..then we can take the list and make it a dedicated thread ... thoughts serge?

the way I imagined it is seeing the list and then trying to get a date near another 1M owner or seeing the list and knowing who to look out for when you are down there too....le sigh
LOL, I’m finding reading comprehension and general desire to pay attention to be pretty low here. We all must be just too distracted with obsessively tracking allocations and production statuses.

I’ll volunteer to start a new thread to be stickied for just tracking PCD dates and from there we can reference the FAQ thread (and have that thread de-sticked). And I’ll monitor and update the first post with updates like Papethova is doing with the extended warranty group buy.

Will that make it easier for everyone?
there is no effing automatic