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Ok, I read through all three pages so please forgive me if I ask a question thats already answered somewhere.

My car is 112 status. Honestly, I have no idea what that means. I just put the deposit down yesterday. Reading on here though it sounds like it means my CA can now schedule my PCD date? If so, I guess I just call him and ask him to find out what dates are available?

I notice there are some other 1M deliveries coming up. Is it possible for more than one 1m delivery on the same day? Not sure if the list is to group us or let us know those dates won't work. Would def. be fun to share the experiance with a fellow 1M buyer.

Also, I don't understand why guys are calling the PCD center if the CA is the one that sets up the date?

Last, once the date is set is there any chance it will change? I'll need to buy plane tickets, schedule the time off work etc.

Thanks for the help!