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I went back and read that too, I can see how it sounds that way and can be confusing.

My understanding was the extended warranty extends the initial warranty to the terms stated not by the terms stated. As in the 7 year plan doesnt give 7 EXTRA years on top but gives 7 TOTAL years. Its extending the basic coverage by 3 years. It wouldnt matter if you bought it the day you bought your car or bought it the last day your warranty was going to expire. The plan would go in effect for a term of X years from the in service date, not 7 years from the plan's purchase date.

The extended maint program is different, it ADDS 2 years and 50k miles to the existing 4 years 50k miles for a total of 6 years 100k miles.

Perhaps I misunderstood the dealership or I wrote the description incorrectly. I am working on getting clarification and will post here as soon as I receive confirmation. I could reword the initial post for the warranties to look like 1-3 year plans and that would be the amount of time extended upon the factory plan, but BMW products lists them the way I did.

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