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Originally Posted by HERR FSTIR View Post
It seems studded tires are more common in ANC since the roads tend to ice up more often down there. Despite using studless winter tires for years without problem, I wonder if studded might be a better choice since the 1M seems to have traction problems even under optimal driving conditions. has a lot of winter packages for the M3 which presumably work on the 1M. Most, however, are 19" wheels. Not sure 255s on the rear would be a wise idea for winter conditions. I was considering the following:
I have these wheels in 18x9.5 and 18x8.5. I run 18" blizacks, Im going to use these for my 1M snow tires as long as they work.

I think the most cost effective route would be some 18"'s (square) and 18" blizacks.(SP?)