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Originally Posted by rudyv1 View Post
any more information on the battery recall would be appreciated.
My 08 had the bigger battery. It might only apply to newer MY.

Originally Posted by vwrefugee View Post
Picked up the car from the dealer after the maintenance and their attempt at fixing the window? . . . re-initialized and told me to "keep an eye on it". The very first attempt to close the driver side with auto-up and it does the same thing - big surprise. Funny how this problem seemed to be totally unknown to them given that there's supposed to be a TSB out for this with software update etc. Unless it gets worse I'm not sure when I'll bring it back in, but hopefully when I do they'll be a bit more up to speed on the issue.
They should know about it. It is a well known problem. They have to go thru the steps of software first, then motor replacement if the problem recurs.