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Originally Posted by Daniel135i View Post
Sure there is... You don't see the benefit of making sure your hitting the right amount of boost your supposed to be hitting at any given time? I know modern electronics adjust boost according to outside factors, but it is NOT as significant as you all seem to think. Any problem that can create a boost leak will alter the boost reading more so than environmental factors any day of the year, in any conditions.

Its as pertinent a gauge in any forced induced car as your gas gauge is. AFR/Boost/EGT/Oil press/Oil temp are all pertinent in a boosted car, even more so if you track and are planning on modding anything to raise the boost levels.
Though I agree with most of your post, there is nothing more useless than an AFR gauge in a car. Typically it's a bunch of little lights going from green (rich) to red (lean) and passing through yellow (stoichiometry). AFR varies too much and too quickly to the point that it renders the gauge useless. If you wish to measure this value, you're better off with a data logging system where a graph (with values) is generated and sampling occurs instantaneously so that you can then go back and review the results. Anyone who sits in a car looking at an AFR gauge probably has nothing better to do - this value is mainly used when tuning forced induction on a dyno, or tuning by making pulls.

On the other hand, boost/exhaust gas temp/oil pressure/oil temp are indeed crucial, and such gauges do a great job at displaying real time values.