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Outstanding performance at track (but ABS...)

Just back from two days at VIR. Ran the North Course on Saturday under windy/damp conditions (courtesy of Hurricane Irene) and the Full Course today in beautiful but hot (92F) conditions.

Very pleased with the 1M. I was running PFC01 pads and brakes were outstanding. Still a bit too much mid-turn understeer but I'll shortly be addressing that with some adjustable camber/caster plates. Oil temps went up to around 280 F today running hard in hot conditions so I'll have to keep a close eye on that and, of course, change the oil frequently. And, if need be, I'll move to a larger oil cooler.

The only issue that I'm still puzzling through involves the ABS. Although braking on the straight from high speeds (~145 mph on back straight) was fine, the ABS would actuate when trail braking into turns in lower speed situations -- including turns 3 and 4.

Braking would be fine immediately following application, but seconds (likely milliseconds) later as I'd begin bending into the turn (and without any change in pedal pressure) the ABS would briefly actuate and the car felt like it would be skating for a moment. The ABS would then disengage so normal braking resumed and all would be fine.

A fellow instructor who was behind me said that the car looked like it would momentarily drift sideways when this happened.

FWIW, I was running on the stock tires (Michelin PS2) with all the stability/traction control nannies off. Nonetheless, I'm wondering if at least some of the stability control is restored when ABS is engaged.

Any insights?