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Originally Posted by Slats View Post
Additionally, there is a subtle difference between the original manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty. If a part is covered under the original warranty and it fails, it is replaced, generally subject only to a finding of abuse. However, under the extended warranty, the part must have failed due to an inherent defect, not just normal wear and tear. Given that parts with inherent defects are going to show up early on, whereas failure from wear and tear is going to show up later, one might wonder how much faith and money extended warranties can justify.
This is an interesting point. I think I should read the fine print on this and get an explicit understanding of what will be replaced on the extended warranty due to defect vs wear and tear?

I guess some of us may have an expectation that if our water pump or clutch finally goes six years down the road the extended warranty would pick it up... but maybe not so because it's normal wear and tear? So then you're out the extended warranty money AND the cost to repair the worn out item? Hrm...
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