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Thoughts on BMW Assist?

What are your thoughts on BMW Assist as a standalone option? In other words, without also getting either the entire Premium Package (which includes BMW Assist) or the Convenience Package (which includes iDrive/Nav)? The description on the online configurator reads:

"The BMW Assist and Bluetooth System comes with four years of the BMW Assist Safety Plan which provides Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Request (SOS), Enhanced Roadside Assistance, MyInfo, TeleService, Door Unlock and Stolen Vehicle Recovery services. For details visit:"

Is the functionality limited if you don't also have iDrive/Nav? Is it that people figure for an extra $1,650 you can get the rest of the Premium Package? Is it too "big brother"? Is it not worth the cost?

I haven't heard of anyone wanting BMW Assist w/ Bluetooth as a standalone option and I'm wondering why not. To me, BMW Assist seems valuable in the rare event I lock my keys in my 1M, I wouldn't want a locksmith damaging my car to unlock it.

I'm mostly interested in BMW Assist as "lockout insurance," though other features (esp. Automatic Collision Notification and Stolen Vehicle Recovery) seem good, too. I can't remember the last time I locked my keys in my car, but the thought of a locksmith using prying tools and a slim jim on my 1M makes me cringe.

If I do lock my keys in the 1M, is there another way of remotely unlocking the doors? Or is there something about the 1M that makes it almost impossible to accidentally lock your keys in the car?

I'm wondering what I'm missing here and would appreciate your collective input. Thanks!!