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Originally Posted by micha3l View Post
11's are definitely possible (its only 0.006 less), but I do think it will be harder than everyone thinks!

Even looking on Dragtimes cars running street tyres are in the 11.9XX bracket, so everything will need to be perfect to do it
Agreed! I remember last time I went out I couldn't best my first time of the night. You're so close though, I'm sure you'll get it next time

Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
11s are coming... drag radials will ensure that. Who will get there first?? Justin is not returning for a couple weeks still, and his car with DRs should be a certainty for 11s (he has the trap speed advantage by far). Given that Wednesdays seem to be the day when people go out, that just leaves next Wednesday for someone to beat him to it!!
It won't be me! I'd love to see some crazy numbers from Justins car, the trap speed is up there with the top 5 or 6 cars on drag times.

Originally Posted by JB4135 View Post
Here's my timeslip. Weighed my car at the scrutineering bay and a wopping 1625kgs (car only). That's a heavy little 1er. The guy next to me in the Rocket lane was in a AU falcon 4.0 naturally aspirated and he thought he was gonna smash me. Tried to explain we're not racing each other, we're racing to better our times.
That's an awesome time Edwin. I think if you could easily shave off at least 0.2-0.3 if you didn't have as much weight.