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Originally Posted by timwin View Post
I work for a corporation that owns a couple BMW stores in TX. Allow me to give my Finance Manager a call tomorrow and see what deals he can do for you all. Maybe a 4th quote will let you all see how good of a deal you are getting from him or if it is better to go with the other one of the other three
Thanks!! You misread my post. The 3 dealers I called was only to get the facts straight on the tire package. I will be shopping the GB around. I have some dealerships in mind, after talking to so many for the car I have an idea of which will cooperate and which wont. Plus, I have a contact or two here through the forum. Ill PM you when the time gets near, this isnt going to be done until production ends and as of now thats Dec 2011. So Im looking at mid-late January 2012.