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Originally Posted by 1SerieStud View Post
I would know, I already do - I'm an individual extremely capable of discerning, reasoning, and using common sense. There is only so much you can do to a pipe before you hit diminishing returns. It is simply piping with a muffler/resonator, and probably $50 bucks worth of carbon fiber on the tips.

EDIT: By the way, by no means am I putting down the product. I think it looks and sounds great, but not worth the price being asked for it.
being "worth" the price is up to the buyer not you. if you think it's too expensive good for you. Remember not everyone has the same taste. Some people would also say that it's stupid to spend so much money on a bmw when a toyota camry can get you from A to B also.

and $10k isn't even the most expensive exhaust. Ive seen "jdm" exhausts for my s2000 costing upwards of $15k+.