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Sure...what you choose to spend on anything and how "worth" it is can be subjective to the buyer, nothing new there. I'm not going to enter a discussion with you about this for multiple reasons: 1) it would be rude to the OP and disrespectful to this thread, 2) I don't truly care what floats your (or anyone else's) boat. I was simply expressing an opinion formed based on common sense that many seem to relate to.

Also, since you apparently have the need to bring up your s2000 in every thread regardless of topic, I'm not sure if I've told you this before, but in the large array of cars I've owned, I've had both an ap1 and an ap2 S2000, and I'm extremely familiar with the aftermarket crowd for them. If anyone tried to feed you a $15k exhaust I hope you didn't bite, or that it came with lube. Not only is that almost half the price of the car, but exhausts barely do anything for an s2000, specially in NA form, and I can't foresee them being that expensive for forced inducted setups.

Now good day to you, and let's keep the thread on topic.