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There's definitely a thread where someone installed the black tips on a PE. It involves cutting the PE exhaust tips. PE tips are straight cut and stock is slant cut. I planned on doing this until I saw the PE tips on the car. The polished tips reflect the black defuser and don't look completely out of place. In fact the straight cut looks pretty awesome IMO. An alternative is to get some 3" stainess exhaust tips with rolled edge and cut them down to 5" in length. They will slide over the PE tips. Just rough up the stainless and paint them with black flame-proof spray paint. Make sure to bake according to instructions. I did this in a regular household over. Keep the windows open--it will smell while baking. It has ceramic in the paint and is super durible once baked. It's not chrome but a nice mat black finish. I rolled high temp gasket material around the PE tips and snugged the black tips over the gasket material. With this approach, you can have black or polished tips depending on your mood. After a couple weeks going back-and-forth, I've decided the polished tips look the best. I never thought I'd say this, but the black chrome looks cheap to me know. Who would of thought? And to put it in perspective, I have all shadow line trim and black rims.