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Originally Posted by fly135 View Post
No offense but that is like prostituting your car out big time. I would never sell my car this way. Well maybe my old ute but not my beemer, no way. I wouldn't feel comfortable parking and leaving it there.
Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
+ 1 I don't think it's a good idea. Most of those cars are under 5k.
Originally Posted by cozza View Post
I thought about doing that. Back in 1993 I sold a car by parking at the local service station with tear off phone numbers. Sold it in 3 hours for more than I had bought it for a month earlier!
Never offense! It's not the nicest way to do it, but it works. It's just a great way to marry up buyers with sellers without dealing with the internet bs or dealer bs. People also think it's a local car and call only if they are interested. Also it's $50K BMW not a F1, parking it and leaving it should really not be an issue.

Also, Cozza's car is pretty and pretty cars attract a lot of people at these things. He might get someone with a bit of cash who wants a car that turns head. Enthusiasts, who is usually who you get from online ads for these cars, are serious pain in the ass to sell to sometimes - it's inherently what makes us enthusiasts!

I use to manage Audi & Porsche here, so I have a slight hint of an idea of how cars sell.