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Precautionary maintenance before software tune?

I'm planning to go for the software only tune on my 135i (likely a reflash via cobb or evolve-R, no piggy backs). I'm not willing to add any other bolt ons such as exhausts/DP's, and I don't want to add an intercooler either so the car will look 100% stock.

My question is are there certain things I can do to improve the odds of the car running stable after the tune, given that I'll be using a non-aggressive map? I absolutely hate the idea of engine errors/overheating/limp modes/HPFP failures etc.

The car currently has about 20k miles on it. I read it somewhere that it's recommended to replace spark plugs at this stage to make the tune work better. I'll likely also change the air filter (OEM, or is a drop-in worth it?). Will do an oil change too.

What else would you recommend?