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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
Well Intercooler would be great idea going more boost to avoid heatsoak. And if u have n54 good to delete mid cats with stock n55 mid section to let turbo breath easier... Good luck
+1. Two very good ideas.

With such low miles on your car... I'd say you could wait on spark plugs. But new ones could not hurt. I only have a SW flash tune... and I LOVE IT! The engine drives 100% like stock... except I have another 80HP or so. Throttle respose is great and what I noticed most was teh power does drop off a cliff after 5,500 rpms like stock. Now the engine still makes power until 6,300 rpms or so. I hardly every rev that high anyway. Also my top speed has gone way up! Before I was liited to 250 kph(it was really 240 with GPS) now I have seen 280 kph. No engine check lights, no hesitation, no stalling, nothing. The engine just plain runs perfect - abiet with more power. Much more.

Maybe just make sure all your injectors and coil packs are up to date(any recalls?) and the HPFP is working fine. Other than that you are good to go!

I just changed my air filter with another OEM one. There wa slots of sand and small rocks in that airbox! I would hate to think what would happen with some "other" filters in there. Maybe change the oil & filter. Once you flash you will need new tires... bc traction will become an issue.