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Thanks for all the responses.

The car is a 2010 N54, from what I understand it has all the updated HPFP and injectors/coils already? Or should I call up the dealer and make them do a VIN check.

DP is definitely a no go for me... I don't want to deal with all the lights/emission checks and the hassle of installing/uninstalling for any service. As far as the exhaust goes, I did a search and it seems people suggest that the gain really isn't significant? Will deleting the mid or rear cats cause engine light/emission related issues and do I have to reinstall for dealer service as well?

Also is FMIC really that important? I usually don't drive very aggressively at all and I just want some extra power in the rare "spirited situations" and better throttle feeling. Is overheating a major concern with bone stock + flash?