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Originally Posted by startover View Post
Thanks for all the responses.

The car is a 2010 N54, from what I understand it has all the updated HPFP and injectors/coils already? Or should I call up the dealer and make them do a VIN check.

DP is definitely a no go for me... I don't want to deal with all the lights/emission checks and the hassle of installing/uninstalling for any service. As far as the exhaust goes, I did a search and it seems people suggest that the gain really isn't significant? Will deleting the mid or rear cats cause engine light/emission related issues and do I have to reinstall for dealer service as well?

Also is FMIC really that important? I usually don't drive very aggressively at all and I just want some extra power in the rare "spirited situations" and better throttle feeling. Is overheating a major concern with bone stock + flash?

I would have a dealer sheck your VIN and see if any recalls are open. Maybe even as IF there are any "service actions" (not a recall per se) that you should be aware of. Like the tail light LEDs failing or third brake light, ect.

Deleting the secondary cats(ie using a N55 mid pipe) will not cause an engine check light. There are only O2 sensors before and after the main cats (downpipes).

An exhaust will only change the sound. No real gains. Some had said 5hp. Thats really nothing on a 300 to 400 Hp car.


PS: speaking of mods... one of teh best mods I have done is the CDV delete. Don't know IF you have a 6MT or 6AT. ? Also the Performance SSK is really sweet. Thumbs way up on both mods. Lots of people wear the performance Exhaust was their best mod. Sometimes I wish my car had one.