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Originally Posted by startover View Post
Does "deleting the cats" require any aftermarket parts? (I mean if u just remove them, won't that make the total length of exhaust short) Can it be done at any muffler shop? Can I take the car in for service as is and will it pass emission test?

Sorry I'm kind of new at this. It'd be great if someone can explain to me how it works (which cats to delete and what happens after the delete etc)

It will not afect your emission maybe a little but u still can pass inspection w/o any probs because N55 don't have them on stock exhaust. Would be best way to delete them by putting N55 mid exhaust section on your car and it will look and work 100% OEM. Downpipes different story, I would leave them stock.

My suggestion list would be

1. CDV delete
2. Mid CATs changed with N55 catless
3. Check for recalls HPFP, injectors
4. Intercooler (running bigger pressure will cause more heat) though u can live w/o it
5. Oil service other maintenance if needed

6. Enjoy it safely