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Talking My New 118D M-Sport - Mods and Retro-fits

Hello everyone,

- Im a new member

I have recently become a proud owner of a 2007 E87 LCI M-Sport Le Mans Blue 118d (previously a Audi A3 owner).

I have decided to create my perfect looking 1er. I will be doing quite a few things to it adding lots of pictures, DIYs, retro-fits, and diagrams to help everyone do/make these changes to your own 1ers, as there are a lot of same question out there, so hopefully here will be a good source of lots of these mods.

Ok lets begin

Project code name : Twilight (because its gonna be black on dark blue lol)

Car Background first things first is abit of background about the car and why this one
  • My 1er is Le Man Blue probably of the best colours for a 1er (there is a whole post dedicated to these).
  • It is one of the first LCI models with stop/start technology (with the improved 143BHP)
  • Full M-sport kit
  • 17 M-sport M207 Alloy Wheels (one of the nicest stock rims)
  • Half leathers (which I looked for everywhere, I think they are better because the seat is not cold in the morning to seat on, easy to clean, but still has the leathers for the look and durability on the lumber supports)
  • 6 speed Manuel (how it should be on a hatchback)
  • 118D (the reason I went for this over the 120D is three main reasons; 1. Its two groups lower on the insurance then the 120D 2. Much more efficient both on economy and tax. 3. If you add the BlueFin superchip you get nearly 190BHP soo it will be faster too then 120D, while keeping all the other benefits

Ok soo lets begin with how it looks currently

This is my wish list for future planned projects:
  • All major body parts to be re-sprayed (front bumper, side wings, bonnet, rear bumper, tail gate) - DONE
  • Original BMW LED licence plate light retro fit - DONE
  • Grey rear diffuser sprayed gloss black - DONE
  • Vinyl wrapping roof gloss black - DONE
  • Front Grill gloss black
  • Llumar 35% window tinting - DONE
  • De-badging - DONE
  • E90 shark fin retro fit gloss black
  • Taillights LED
  • Interior LED lighting kit
  • Original BMW Illuminated door seals
  • Matt Black Door handles
  • Matt/Gloss or Carbon steering wheel wrap
  • Rims powder-coated gloss black
  • Original BMW Valeo Angel headlights retro fit
  • Original BMW E82 coupe M-sport front bumper Crazy retro fit (Im going to be mad when doing this)
  • Stealth/OEM full system upgrade including two SWS8 mid-subs, HK/Top-Hifi or an aftermarket mids and tweets and upgrade from BMW business HU to professional, two amps/single big-power amp.
  • Full, multi-stage detailing to end the whole project

There has been quite a few ppl that have made these things possible to conceive, especially the sound stage, people like Technic, whos expertise has been vital to making final decisions and choices. I will be posting the people and links that helped me along the way and pay my due course respect to those before me.

Please give your opinions and advise on these mods, photos will be added as well as the instructions and how things went over the next few weeks.

Thanks guys wish me all the best, and hope everything goes well!

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