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I voted that bending the shield helps.. Pixieblue will be here shortly and link you to his thread about cutting the plate and bending it back nearly 90 degrees for even more cooling.. I even have a thread for making custom backing plates that include scoops in them to pull air from the stream of air in the wheel well..

You didnt mention Brake Fluid after putting on the stoptechs???? infact you didntmention brake fluid before the stoptechs??

If you were getting fade after only the first couple of sessions with stoptechs, then i must question your driving style ( read : not ability , not insulting)

I run BMW BBK, which is basically 135 brakes w/ ate blue and i get no fade...I had some vibration issues from my cool carbons and all ihave run is with Bent plates... (lime rock / summit point / NJMP / Pocono )

I have a sensation that you are way to hot into the turns, and you may have made it worse with the camber plates, because the car will actuallly turn now so you go in faster.

Stop techs are some amazing brakes... it just doesnt make sense ??

I could be wrong, ut its just my .02
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