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Originally Posted by ErvGotti View Post
IMHO an FMIC is just as important as turboback especially in a stage 2 tune. If you think about how hot that charge air is gonna be at a 15-18psi (speculating) stage 2 tune and the fact that the stock IC is designed to be efficient at 8.8psi. You might be pushing 18psi on the stage two tune, but the thing about turbo's is it's not just about psi it's about air density and we all know cooler air is denser. That's why with all things equal an upgraded turbo can make equal power @ say 12psi to a stock turbo @ 16psi.
FMIC is more important than midpipe and axleback section combined.

FMIC + Catless DPs > Catless DPs + Catless Midpipes + Axleback/Muffler.

Anyone beg to differ?
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