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Not that I'm aware of. Most of the other people in my group (green) weren't getting anywhere near the same type of braking forces as I was.

The other drivers in the intermediate/advanced classes usually had weight reduction and/or were track prepped cars with brake ducts. Moreover, I only saw one other car with a 6 piston front setup (minus vettes/911s?), with everyone else running single piston or 4 piston fronts. One would think that the larger slotted rotors (355x32mm) and 6 piston setup would have much improved cooling, which leads me to believe that brake cooling is the main issue here.

I have to reiterate that I was running stock pads in the rear, which probably caused front bias. Remembering that these are 3200lb+ cars we are trying to slow down, so the question is whether making the front brakes work harder/heat up more caused the failure or was a pad defect to blame. The separation only happened with one pad, with the rest only having chipping/small chunks come off on the edges.

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From looking at the vid it doesn't seem like you were braking early, and there only seems like two, maybe 3 really hard braking zones. Maybe the Carbotechs will do the trick. I run xp10/xp8 on my Miata and I can romp on them all day long with no issues. Granted, that car is 1000lb lighter and they key to driving fast with only 116 hp is using the brakes as little as possible, lol. Was there anyone else there with brake issues?