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Originally Posted by Rob@Cobb View Post
What am I missing with the 180 load thing?

We taper boost past 5k due to the baby turbo guys. Pushing it hard up there is like spitting water though a straw. The exahust manifold pressure peaks at 45-55psi past 5.5k RPM when trying to run 18psi out there. The data says the turbos are out of air and will self descruct if you keep pushing it. Not something we want for a pump stage 2 or stage 2 + FMIC map. Stock turbos will run 18psi all day long in the lower RPM range.

Here is a run down of the maps Clap has:
Stage 2 - Requires downpipes with a recomendation for a intake and catback (especially the 135i and 535i)
Stage 2+FMIC - Requires downpipes and a FMIC with a heavy recomendation for a intake and catback (especially the 135i and 535i)

Each of these will come in the following flavors:
"Drive" as in a nice daily driver map for those that just want a little bump in power with stock rev limits.
"Sport" as in a sporty map with a bit more power than "Drive".
"Aggressive" as in a map that turns the car into a fire breathing hotrod (Recommended 93 Octane).