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Originally Posted by bentong View Post
I'd take the car in for one last service before making any chances, just so you can get whatever's needed under warranty. I'm not 100% sure if a software tune will void warranty but it's better to be safe than sorry. HPFP would be the most worrying. I got "Engine Fault. Power Reduced" the day before I was planning to load my Evolve tune. Took it to a dealer and they sorted it out. Supposedly it was low on oil but I wasn't getting a message.

I'm not too sure how the COBB tune works but with the Evolve tune, you pull down your OEM tune data, Evolve modify it and then you load the revised file up. You will always want to retain your OEM tune file so I guess in case of failure, you can load the OEM file before taking it to the dealership.
Thanks a lot for the heads up. How do you like your Evolve tune? I'm planning to go Evolve too because I like the loyalty program where you only pay a small fee when you change to another vehicle.

Do you have any other mods other than the tune? I'm planning to leave the car mostly stock besides the tune. I might do the CDV delete and a N55 mid pipe swap though.